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SOP Guidelines for University of Northern British Columbia(UNBC)

University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)

Located in Northern British Columbia, the University of Northern British Columbia(UNBC) falls in the category of small universities proffering courses in fields like Economics, Culture, Health, and Environment.

The small class sizes have eight students per classroom, assuring personal attention with top-notch academic programs and a dynamic atmosphere.

Additionally, 1800 students obtained scholarships and financial support in 2020-2021; the student awards were worth CAD 3.25 million.

UNBC ranked in the top five small universities in Canada in 2020. Also, 80% of this university's graduates toil hard in fields relevant to their programs and acquire financial awards.

Student support services render treatment and advice for referrals, student health issues, and health info for physical, mental, and reproductive/sexual health.

The process to apply at the University of Northern British Columbia

1. Visit the official website and apply at the student's course

2. Fill in the student's specifications.'

3. Upload requisite documents

4. Proceed with the application fee

Essential Documents to Apply to the University of Northern British Columbia

  • High school and higher secondary records
  • Study Permit
  • Official transcripts
  • School report form
  • Teacher assessment
  • English proficiency test scores
  • Proof of financial statements
  • SAT or ACT score
  • Statement of purpose

What should you know about the Statement of Purpose for University of Northern British Columbia?

A statement of Purpose(SOP) is an important application ranging from 500 to 1000 words for undergraduate, diploma, or postgraduate courses that inform the admission officer about your personal, academic, and professional background and how you would benefit from the course.

What to cover in your Statement of Purpose for University of Northern British Columbia?

1. First Paragraph

This paragraph should hold a catchy introduction portraying your tenacious efforts to pursue the course. You can jot down a narrative and link your inquisitiveness with the course or depict your understanding of the field.

2. The second and third paragraph

After your intro, you should state your educational background in the second paragraph and similar subjects you studied which align with the program. Further, draft your extracurricular activities perpetrated in school/college. 

Following that, you must comprise your professional background in the third paragraph, shedding light on your roles and responsibilities in companies.

3. The fourth and fifth paragraph

The fourth paragraph revolves around the reasons behind choosing the course and how it syncs with your former academic and professional background. Also, put in your skills and modules that you will study in the program.

Besides that, you should depict how the proposed course will aid you in fulfilling your short-term and long-term goals. 

The short-term goals describe your instant plan after the course completion. For the long-term goal, you should explicate how you foresee it after 10-15 years. It can differ from working in a reputed company or managing your family business.

Other than that, the fifth paragraph emphasizes persuading the university that you are a suitable candidate. Also, add the tuition fees, facilities, and professors.

4. Sixth paragraph

The sixth paragraph integrates the reasons for opting for Canada country. Henceforth, illuminate the exceptional facets of the nation, like first-class academic standards and a multicultural environment.

5. Wrap it up

The concluding paragraph is a synopsis of the statement of purpose. It must demonstrate that you are entirely ready to face any challenge coming across with your full-fledged commitment.

Main Tips for Statement of Purpose for University of Northern British Columbia:

1. Precise justification of your prior course with the intended program.

2. Substantiate spelling and grammatical blunders.

3. Employ Active voice.

4. Be crisp and comprehensible about your background.

5. Keep proper flow and connectivity.

6. After assessing your statement of purpose, the admission officer must determine your contribution to your university per your skillsets. 

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