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How Should Backlogs Be Justified In Your Canadian SOP To Prevent Refusal?

Backlogs in SOP

The two most important factors that might significantly affect your Statement of Purpose are backlogs and gap years. In their SOP for Canada Visa, many applicants find it difficult to express their backlogs in detail. This is because Canada has strict laws regarding gap years. Each candidate should be sincere while outlining their SOP for Canada visa.

In the first year, several Canadian colleges permit up to 18 backlogs. However, in the event of admission, UK universities permit 30 to 40 backlogs. In addition to allowing entries against backlogs, colleges, and universities also check the SOP for a Canadian university to see how applicants are defending their backlogs. Applicants who are unable to justify will have their SOP requests denied. However, after being rejected, candidates can also submit an SOP for Canada study visa after refusal. 

The majority of applicants choose to use expert visa SOP writers in these circumstances. Professional writers are skilled at providing strong justifications for backlogs. However, if you decide to compose your statement on your own, the tips in this post will assist you in avoiding explaining explanation backlogs. Investigate your options for defending backlogs in the SOP for Canada Visa after refusal. To have a better idea of how to write an SOP and how to highlight your skills and abilities so that it makes your SOP even more appealing, you can also look over some sop samples for Canada Study Visa.

For sop samples for a Canada study visa, you may visit our site to take an idea about how to craft a sop for Canada visa. 

How are Backlogs Counted across different Countries?

Why addressing backlogs in SOPs is significant is one of the most frequent queries from applicants. Giving a sincere explanation about yourself is the main goal of a SOP for Canada visa. Mentioning backlogs in your academic background gives you credibility in the eyes of the admissions committee. Being upfront with all information rather than just demonstrating your abilities and interests will set you apart.

The current backlog will impact your SOP structure for a student visa to Canada. The justification, however, will once more determine if it has a beneficial effect. Different countries use different methods to calculate backlogs. Thus, it all relies on the country and institution you attend for your education. Canada is quite severe about it and only accepts six backlogs. However, the UK permits 30–40 backlogs to accommodate applicants. A country like Australia only allows 18 application backlogs.

When drafting your SOP for Canada study visa, you should find out whether the target university allows for backlogs.

Top 5 Strategies for Justifying Backlogs in SOP for Canada Visa

Be Honest: 

To start with, be upfront and honest with the admissions committee about any poor grades or backlogs you may have. Denying it or keeping it secret serves to hurt you. Here is your time to use your backlog to your advantage. Inform them of the genuine reason you failed the examinations and provide evidence of your efforts to pass them to support your claim.

Additionally, avoid making up hypothetical tales; instead, adhere to the justification you cited in your SOP.

Highlight Extracurricular Activities: 

If you have any, highlight them in your SOP for Canada visa. If you don't have any, get to work on them as soon as you decide to pursue further education overseas. Universities are looking for students with a variety of skills. Additionally, they consider your entire profile rather than just your grades. Extracurricular activities are a terrific approach to getting their focus off their backlogs.

This lengthy list of extracurricular activities raises the quality of your application.

Mention about your projects and Internships:

Your intentions to study abroad could be in jeopardy if you have a backlog on a crucial topic. You can't do anything about it, either. To expand your skill set, you can still choose industrial training, projects, or internships. Taking on new initiatives gives you first-hand knowledge of the issue and serves as the most acceptable justification in this situation. Many organizations provide the same.

Show seriousness towards Academics:

Backlogs in your SOP may call into question your commitment to academic excellence. You must demonstrate to the universities that you take academics very seriously. It is possible only if you achieve extraordinary results on tests like the GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Additionally, you can influence them by emphasizing the subjects you did well.

Is it Important to Mention my Backlogs in SOP?

Depending on why you have backlogs, you may or may not mention them in your statement of purpose. You may mention any unique circumstances you have encountered, such as illness or other personal reasons. Additionally, explaining your backlogs will improve your candidacy if your justifications support your application.


SOPs are unavoidable components of your admissions process. You are making remarks that are concise and unambiguous which can provide you with an advantage over the competition. To avoid impressions from backlogs, you should consider the above advice. Additionally, if you're having trouble writing your sop for Canada visa, e Writing Champs is here to help. Our best SOP writers know how to make your SOP more appealing even after mentioning your backlogs by emphasizing all of your skills and qualifications that can make up for them. As our best SOP writers will assist you in creating your SOPs, you no longer need to worry about your SOPs or your backlog.


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