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Website privacy and security policy

This website is an online platform operated and owned by Ewritingchamps for providing professional content marketing services. Ewritingchamps hold all services mentioned on the website to boot

It is requested that all visitors and clients go through our terms and conditions carefully before choosing any content developing services provided by this website. Once the prospective user is convinced with the terms and conditions provided in the SEO content developing company website, he or she can submit an order.

Purpose of the website

Ewritingchamps is an incredible online platform where prospective clients can place their orders if they need high-quality articles, blogs, or web content writing services for various purposes. The publisher can demand 100% original, unique, and error-free content, and we are liable to serve his interest at best.

Revision and updates of our terms and conditions

The online content marketing website owner or the administrator holds the authority to revise or change the terms and conditions of the website writing services at any point in time without giving any prior notification. The revision will be effective immediately after posting the changes. It is the prime responsibility of the consumers to check the terms and conditions properly to avoid further inconveniences. Moreover, no intimation will be provided to the users to upgrade the content; therefore, it is always advised that clients always keep themselves well-informed about our updated policies and online marketing services

Placing an order and access to the website

This is to inform all our visitors that to access our company's content writing services, they should fill up a form on the order page. You will be asked to submit your personal information such as name, email address, phone number, and other similar types of information in the form.

It is essential to mention here that the information you will provide to the website should be complete, accurate, and authentic. In any inaccurate or false submission, the SEO content developing company reserves the right to refuse the order. All content marketing services featured on the website will cease when it stops all its operations.

Article ordering process

Since serving our client's needs is our prime concern, you can order a specific number of articles by providing relevant instructions and keywords for content writing for websites. You can also set the word count. After defining all your requirements and specifications, the administrator must hand over their ordered project writing services within your specified time frame. It is our responsibility to assign your project to a professional SEO writer who can fulfill your requirements effectively.

Rewrite orders

We take rewrite orders. We provide high-quality rewrite articles by using all details that you have provided. The word count of the rewrite article writing service depends upon your requirement. Here also, it is our responsibility to choose a quality content writer for this task. It is our sincere endeavor to select a qualitative writer for a complete job within the given deadline.

Every order you submit should not violate the rights of the third party in any way. This may include moral rights, trademarks, service marks, copyright, and the like. We must ensure that the order does not contain any obscene, defamatory, libelous, or degrading content. Any violation of our terms and conditions may result in the termination or suspension of your order.

Rejection of the order

If the article's writing is not written as per the client's specifications and requirements, he or she has the right to disapprove of the order. However, in any case, the client must show the proper reason for rejection.

Our website administrator will review all rejected orders. If, in case, the administrator thinks that the client is doing injustice with the order, he or she may be charged for it. In case of dissatisfaction, the client may request for revision or improvement of our content development services. However, in that case, also, the client should point out the areas and the exact cause of rejection.

Rejection of delivered articles will be reviewed within 72 hours of delivery. The delivered articles will be considered approved by the administrator if there is no insinuation of rejection from the customer takes place within 72 hours of delivery

When it comes to maintaining the quality of articles, these are written as per the instructions and keywords provided by clients. The SEO content should be free from any grammar or spelling mistakes. The content should be written in a form that is easily understandable to the readers. Above all this, the articles should pass a Copyscape check to ensure their 100% originality.

Rights to the customer

This website allows customers to display, approve, reproduce and sell articles in any form. The customers don't have any right to hold content until the payment is made in full. On receiving the full payment, the customer is allowed to publish our SEO articles on the web.

Copyright and trademark protection

All information and content available on this website are protected by copyright laws. It includes images, icons, streaming files, software, video, graphical work, and contents. All these things are the sole property of EWC Content Writing Service Private Ltd of the website and are subject to copyright law. Any offender of copyright laws will be reported and charged

Trademark protection

All services, marks, logos, and trademarks available on the site are protected by trademark law and international service. These trademark laws and service marks cannot be used by any person unless permission of the owner is obtained. The trademark is entirely original and considered the sole property of EWC Content Writing Service Private Ltd of the website. The infringement will be taken seriously, and the offender will be punished as per trademark protection law.

Unauthorized copy of the content

Using this online marketing website, you abide by the agreement that you will prevent unauthorized copies of content featuring on the website. You are also bound by the contract that you will not copy, download and redistribute any content services India found on the site. In case of any violation of the agreement, the offender will be made liable to remove or destroy information copied, downloaded, and printed illegally from the website

Privacy policy

It is recommended that all customers should read the privacy policy carefully before browsing this site. Visitors can click on the privacy policy link to get brief information about it. It is our prime responsibility to urge the visitors to follow the website's privacy policy to maintain discipline.

Disclaimer of warranty

The professional writing services available on the website are provided as available, and no service warranty is offered. Using this website, you are bound by the term that you will not get any written or oral information approved by the site owner. It means you accept these conditions that this content marketing website will not be held responsible for any data loss or damage to the system. If your computer gets affected by downloading any of our doc files or transferring data, this website will not be held responsible in any way. The World Wide Web is a vast platform, and data loss is a common problem in today's digitalized world. Therefore, it is our responsibility to keep the website free from any malware and adware.

Communication with author

Our customers do not possess any right to contact any of our professional content writers in India directly, indirectly, or via any other website. We will not disclose any personal information of our SEO content writers. Any violation of this principle means the breach of all terms and conditions. Legal action will be enforced against offenders.

The customer will be charged for each approved article, and the fee will be calculated as per the agreement settled with the customer. There are different types of payment options available that ensure 100% secure and convenient payment. Our customer can choose content or copywriting services in India according to his or her convenience.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions of the website or having any doubt regarding any matter, you can contact us. We are always ready to answer your queries and offer you a helping hand. Feel free to contact us at any point in time for our professional creative copywriting services and more. You can also email us at

[email protected]

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