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SOP Guidelines For Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Kwantlen Polytechnic University is a public university built in 1981. It is one of the leading institutions in British Columbia, Canada, with five locations enveloping the Metro Vancouver district. The university proffers several certificates, bachelor's, diploma, apprenticeship, associate, and citation programs, embracing more than 120 arenas of study. There are numerous vocational courses for skilled technicians and workers in nursing, accountancy, business administration, criminology, engineering, architecture, and medicine. Canada's only polytechnic university has 50,000 registered alumni globally.

Documents required for Kwantlen Polytechnic University:

  • Intermediate Certificate or Secondary School: Indian Senior School Certificate or Higher Secondary School Certificate or Higher School Certificate or All India Senior School Certificate with mark sheet by the proper examination authority. 
  • Photocopies of mark sheets should be given for online verification.
  • College/ University: Official transcripts portraying course completion and grades issued by the institutes.
  • Statement of Purpose

What is the statement of purpose?

The statement of purpose should Persuade the admission committee about your achievements and expertise.

Always remember to incorporate the below-mentioned aspects in SOP for Kwantlen Polytechnic University:

1. Start with your interests and motivations.

State what makes you curious and what sparks your interest in the program. Keep this paragraph brief, and don't add unnecessary points. 

2. Sum up your undergraduate and previous graduate career

a) Your academic background and comprehensive research. Denote the project title, your contribution, and the result.

b) Noteworthy thesis project or paper or anything beyond your curriculum.

c) Professional experience - your responsibilities and how it is fruitful for the program.

3. Clarify your academic interests   

In this section, you integrate what you look ahead to studying in graduate school to convince the admission officer that you are aware of the program quite well.

a) Indicate your interested areas. Then, pop a question, depict a problem, and explain how the intended course bridges the gap for your career.

b) Search for info regarding departments that fuel your desire, containing professors and their research. There might be some professors with which your research interests align with you. Explore your program, and indicate the name of the professors under whom you want to work.

c) Terminate your statement positively, showcasing your keenness for the challenges.

Important Tips that you should not avoid in SOP for Kwantlen Polytechnic University:

  • The admission officer will examine your dexterity and motivation as a graduate student.
  • Stress everything in an optimistic way and employ an active voice only.
  • Exhibit everything with instances, don't just affirm that you are a sincere person.
  • If any event hampered your grades, such as poverty, illness, or excessive work. Describe your determination apart from obstructions. 
  • Be clear-cut and crisp, and do not repeat any point. You must make an SOP of at least 500-1000 words, which has 1-2 single space pages with a 12-point font.

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