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SOP Guidelines for Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University(TRU) is a public research and academic University which laid its foundation in 1970. It is situated in Kamloops, BC, Canada, and is the chief campus of the University. Several international leaders and people in business are alums of TRU. It has online and distance education programs with the TRU Open Learning division.

The initial convocation of TRU was on March 31, 2005. Prime Minister Paul Martin made the primary official visit to the University. There are a total of 15500 students studying numerous programs on-campus.

Programs span from these faculties and schools: School of Nursing, Faculty of Education and Social Work, Faculty of Student Development, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Law, Culinary Arts and Tourism, School of Business and Economics, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Adventure, and School of Trades and Technology.

Thompson Rivers University is established in residential areas and commercial districts. Besides the Tournament Capital Center, there is Kamloops' huge recreational centre. Additionally, the University surfaces numerous cultural activities and outdoor adventures surrounding its campus.

There are global partners with TRU's world division. It holds 2000+ employees comprising academic staff, faculty, and administration.

TRU gives its students extracurricular activities for community services and academic research. Many of its students hail from India, China, Saudi Arabia, and 70 other countries. 

15000+ global and 33000+ Canadian alumni graduate from TRU's vocational training, undergraduate, and graduate courses. The TRU Alum remains linked with AlumNights that occur in Victoria and Vancouver.

The notable alums of TRU are Canadian novelist and former professor at the University of British Columbia, Steven Galloway and Kamar Burke, and Canadian actor Lorne Cardinal, a former Canadian professional basketball player.

Documents Needed for the Thompson Rivers University

  • Language proficiency(if the degree is from a non-English language country)
  • Letter of Intent
  • Transcript - except TRU studies - No straightforward or secondary transcripts
  • Degree Certificate(if awarded, an undergraduate degree is not implied on the transcript)
  • Proof of Official Name Change(if valid)
  • Resume
  • Reference Letter - not obligatory
  • Supplementary documents(any documents that might hold the application)
  • Statement of Purpose

What is Meant by the Statement of Purpose and its Format for Thompson rivers university?

The statement of purpose must convince the admission committee about your knowledge and achievements.

Don't forget to incorporate the below-mentioned points:

1. Set off with your inspirations and interests 

State what makes you curious and what sparks your interest in the course. Keep this paragraph crisp, and don't add any unnecessary aspects.

2. Put in a nutshell regarding your prior academic studies

a) Your academic background and course learning outcomes. Connote any significant projects, your role, and the project outcome.

b) Significant thesis project or paper or anything except your curriculum.

c) Professional experience - your role responsibilities and how they will be fruitful for the course.

3. Shed light on your academic interests 

In this part, you include what you look ahead to studying in graduate school to convince the admission officer that you know the program quite well.

a) State your main areas. Then, propose a question, depict a problem, and explain how the intended course syncs with your career. 

b) Investigate for info for departments that fuel desire, including professors and their research. There might be some professors whose research interests align with you. Search your program, and designate the name of the professors under whom you are willing to work.

c) Wrap up your statement positively, portraying your determination to the challenges.

Important tips to be kept in mind for SOP:

1. The admission officer will examine your skills and enthusiasm as a learner.

2. Stress everything positively and strongly and use an active voice.

3. Portray everything with examples, don't just avow that you are a sincere student.

4. If any incident, such as poverty or sickness, impeded your grades, state with proper justification how you overcame them. 

5. Be clear-cut, and do not repeat any point. You should generate an SOP of at least 500-1000 words, which has 1-2 single space pages with a 12-point font.

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