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Sop Guidelines for University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa(uOttawa) is situated in the capital city of Canada, and it is the world's huge English-French bilingual university. It is the world's primary university to set up a French immersion undergraduate program. 

This picturesque downtown campus comprises five novel high-tech facilities and 1,100 research and teaching laboratories. It is a public research university that integrates novel technologies, facilities, and research labs to ensure that graduating students have the edge over other students in the job market.

The University of Ottawa also proffers several kinds of student support services like the Academic Writing Help Centre, the Regional Mentoring Centre, health services, the Pet Therapy Centre, the Study Skills Hub, and the Morisset Library. 

The pet therapy centre is well-known among students, and Kima, Luther, Benton, Happy, Pablo, and Wallace are some prominent names of furry friends in the centre. The centre has exceptionally trained therapy dogs for students undergoing stress, anxiety, or depression. 

The Morisset Library has 25 study rooms reserved for assignments or group study. 

In addition, the campus spans a walk-in clinic which is open till late evening and even on weekends. Moreover, the student-to-faculty ratio is 22.9:1, with 1,223 full-time academic staff in Fall 2019, and the University of Ottawa alleviated this ratio to 18.5:1 in 2020.

Essential Documents for the University of Ottawa:

  • Resume/CV
  • Academic transcripts
  • Letter of Intent/ Letter of Motivation
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Supplementary documents like video statements, cover letters, portfolios, etc.
  • Fee waiver form, if any
  • Financial documents
  • Standardized test score reports
  • English proficiency test score report
  • Supplement essays or SOP.

What is the Statement of Purpose and its Format?

The statement of purpose must persuade the admission committee about your expertise and accomplishments.

 Always remember to integrate the below-stated aspects while crafting SOP for the University of Ottawa:

1. Initiate with your motivations and interests.

Mention what makes you inquisitive and what fuels your desire for the program. Keep this paragraph short, and don't add needless points. 

2. Encapsulate your former academic studies

a) Your academic background and learning outcomes. Signify the project title, your contribution, and the outcome.

b) Remarkable thesis project or paper or anything other than your curriculum.

c) Professional experience - your role responsibilities and how they benefit the program.

3. Illuminate your academic interests 

In this section, you incorporate what you look forward to studying in graduate school to persuade the admission officer that you know the program remarkably well.

a) Specify your interested areas. Then, render a question, showcase a problem, and explain how the proposed program aligns with your career.

b) Explore for info for departments that spark your interest, comprising professors and their research. There might be a few professors whose research interests line up with you; add that. Discover your program, and denote the name of the professors under whom you want to work.

c) Conclude your statement optimistically, depicting your dedication to the challenges.

Significant Tips that you must not avoid:

1. The admission officer will assess your adroitness and motivation as a graduate student.

2. positively emphasize everything and use an active voice only.

3. Depict everything with instances, don't just assert that you are an earnest person.

4. If any event obstructed your grades, like illness, poverty, or extreme work, mention that with proper justification and add your full-fledged determination beside your hurdles.

5. Be straightforward and direct, and do not replicate any point. You should create an SOP of at least 500-1000 words, which has 1-2 single space pages with a 12-point font.

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