What is the ideal word count for a blog post?

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We've been asked this question a lot many times, haven't we? Generally, at E Writing Champs, we get flooded with such queries related to the ideal word count for a blog post.


Today we'll answer this question and let you know the reasons why and how the length of your blog post can help you get your content viewed by the right people at the right time. If you're beginning a blog or want to become a pro at blog writing, you must know how to create long elaborated content that is interesting at the same time. Let's now find out how many words make the best and ideal blog post. Today professionals at E Writing Champs will solve all your queries in this regard. Let's begin.


What is the ideal length for a blog post?


Before you start writing, you must ask yourself what the ideal length of a blog post is? Or how does size matter in a blog post? The answer is length does matter! 


Content marketing has immersed as a powerful business tool recently. With the rising competition, it becomes mandatory to know the latest trends and that the length of your blog directly impacts your organic SEO. Hence keeping up with the recent and latest trends becomes all the more essential.

If you're writing as a freelancer, know that your blog can become a magnet that can convert leads into loyal and trustworthy customers with proper knowledge and length in the long run. At E Writing Champs, we're in the business of blogging. We connect or tie up with different agencies and help them in their tasks related to blog writing and blogs faster and help them optimize their daily reach. We know the pros and cons of blog writing pretty well, and our goal is to help good blog writers everywhere on a global level in making their content better.


Our research by a team of experts at E Writing Champs indicates that an excellent blog is written on several factors. Let's now discuss them.

How to determine the perfect length of your blog?


Choosing the ideal blog post length depends on many factors. There is no single factor responsible for this. Today we're not only going to cover how long your perfect blog post should be but also will tell you why length plays a vital role in the success of your blog.


Today we'll learn about :


· The Differing length of blogs

· Analyzing your audience

· Understanding and keeping track of your reach

· How to break up a long blog

· Hacks to save time on long blogs


When it comes to blog writing, it's essential why more length means more leads. We hope you have a content strategy ready before you set out to build leaders through your blog. Let's learn stepwise now.

1. The Differing length of blogs :

There is a myth related to a blog post that the shorter the blog post, the more people will read. We are here to debunk this myth and set a transparent and honest story for you today.


Here are the varying lengths of different blogs and the value of each :


· 250 – 500 words: these are concise posts. Such blogs are good for engagements and general discussions. They don't generally get many social shares and are not adequate for SEO.


· 600-800 words: these are considered smaller blog posts, and mostly they can be educational or business blogs. They are pretty good for social shares and good engagements; however, they're still short to impact your SEO


· 1000 – 1500 words: depending on how much audience you have, these long articles can impact your leads and conversations. These longer blog posts can be a striving tool to boost your audience if you write valuable content.


· 1500 – 2500 words: these articles are known as 'Google go-getters' because the search engines love longer posts. They have the highest ranking and are best to gain an organic audience and foster growth.

2. Analyzing your audience: 

By now, you have analyzed your audience because your business strategy is in the right place. Your audience should serve you as a factor in determining an ideal blog post length and generating other prospective leads. It's the best practice to ask yourself these few questions while choosing your audience and the size of your blog post.


· What type of media sources do they follow?

· What kind of content they like the most?

· Which social media platform is followed by your audience the most?


The answers to these questions will help you determine your audience and their taste and likings as well.

3. keeping track of your reach: 

As you set out to write a blog, you must always know that you are writing your blog with the purpose of reaching out to the maximum audience possible. Your content acts as a reflection of your brand and must be seen by the right people. When you counter, check your word limit to analyze how far your content can target the right audience.

4. How to break up a long blog: 

Now, once you've determined your audience and understood their thinking patterns, and optimized your SEO content as well, you can easily break your long blog. As you know, blog writing takes a lot of time and too many resources. Experts at E Writing Champs have studied a pattern and concluded that breaking a blog is mandatory to keep your audience glued to your content. Hence you can follow a simple tip and die your blogs time after time with engaging or interactive activity. This will help you endure the audience in the long run.

5. Hacks to save time on long blogs: 

Saving time on long blogs is what we do at E Writing Champs. We've come up with several ways which will save your time while writing long blogs. For most people, it takes several hours to create one blog post. Instead of this, we can save your time in writing long blogs if you have the right keywords, design, layouts, and content, and imagery. Just keep all your material ready in advance. When you take less time writing qualified blogs, you can focus on high-value tasks like growing your audience, interacting with them, and fostering your business for the good.

After reading this article, we hope you will be sorted about the ideal word count for a blog, and now you will be able to utilize your time wisely and target the right audience.



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