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What you must know about an sop for MBA in international business management?

Are you considering admission to your desired university for international business management in Canada? As it is one of the prominent destinations for studies, getting selected is more than just academic scores. Therefore, a sop for international business management must sound convincing. This blog will provide knowledge about every aspect you must cover while writing a persuasive sop for business management.

What is SOP for international business Management in Canada?

A statement of purpose (SOP) is a document of two to three pages that you must submit as a part of the application. It states to the admission officer your motive to study at the particular university and why you are a deserving candidate.

Why do you require sop for international business management?

Your SOP is vital in bolstering your application for admission to your preferred university. In many universities, it is the need of the hour for the applicants to deliver SOPs. The students need to provide sop for business management due to following reasons:

  • Your statement of purpose explains your academic voyage and career to the readers.
  • The best SOP makes you a great candidate for the university.
  • Your sop for MBA focuses on your principles, skills, and expertise.

How is a sop for MBA in Canada diverse from sops from other countries or other courses?

You must customize your SOP, particularly for the International Business Management course. A Canadian university SOP will vary from SOPs in other countries due to the following reasons:

  • When writing an SOP for international business management, you must emphasize diverse skills compared to SOP in a different course.
  • You must mention why you applied for a particular course.
  • Your SOP for MBA in Canada must enlighten your reasons for selecting to study in Canada and how you are willing to broaden your career.

The format for sop for international business management MBA

A well-crafted SOP proffers details without deteriorating the quality. You should abide by the format for your sop for MBA in Canada.

1. Introduction:

Begin the SOP with an exceptional intro emphasizing your interest and career goals in international business management.

2. Academic Info:

The second part of your sop for an MBA must enclose your academic journey. Besides your academic background, cover your accomplishments too.

3. Extracurricular Activities:

Info regarding your projects, extracurricular activities, and skills must be in the following paragraphs.

4. Career:

The following part must revolve around your professional background and your responsibilities. Additionally, incorporate your awards, promotions, soft skills, and any volunteering work.

5. Goals:

Describe your short and long-term career goals and enlighten how pursuing MBA in international business will help you attain them. 

6. Conclusion:

Wrap up your sop for international business management on an affirmative note and explain how you are a perfect candidate for the program.

Guidelines for writing a sop for international business management in Canada:

Word count:

Canadian universities generally need applicants to deliver 1000 to 1500 words of lengthy SOPs.


To enhance the readers' engagement, keep a friendly and professional tone in your statement of purpose. Do refer sample sop for MBA.


Copying content from online samples and other SOPs will direct to rejection. Every well-regarded university has stringent rules against plagiarized content. 

Right grammar:

Your sop for business management should not have any grammatical blunders. Proofread the SOP circumspectly when you have completed writing.


You must provide the SOP in PDF format. Few universities need the recommender to give the letter directly, while some enable the candidates to do it. In any case, do not miss the deadline.

Tips for making a top-quality SOP for international Business management MBA:

Go through these tips to create a sample sop for MBA that will make you stand out from other applicants.

Customize it:

Modify your SOP to display your principles and personality.

Underline strengths:

Always remember to showcase your strengths, like accomplishments, capability for teamwork, and work ethic.

Utilize facts:

Do not brag. Ensure you can back up your statements with stories and facts.

Acknowledge your weaknesses:

With your strengths, you must admit your weakness and jot down how you faced them.

Keep it attention-grabbing:

Keep the SOP formal, and don't make it tiresome. Engage with the reader.

Utilize simple language:

You need not show off using any fancy language. Try to keep the SOP easy and straightforward to read.

Common mistakes you must prevent while writing a sop for MBA

Applicants providing SOPs generally make blunders that can direct to rejection. Some of the usual blunders that you must stop are:


Although you must converse about your accomplishments and strengths, stop boasting. Add only essential accomplishments in the correct context.

Submitting a similar SOP:

If you are applying to numerous universities, do not deliver a similar SOP to every university. This factor will prevent the scope of customizing the SOPs for every university.

Forged claims:

Offering fake info about your accomplishments or academic performance will lead to rejection. Admission committees will verify each of your false claims.

Getting irrelevant:

Adhere to the topic of the SOP. Do not explain so much, and begin bragging about unnecessary details.

Going beyond the word limit:

Do not think that a long SOP will bring huge chances of selection. Going above the word limit is not at all acceptable.

Not taking help:

If you are not so good at inscribing SOPs, do not shilly-shally to take help from sop writing services.

Do not forget to refer sample sop for MBA, as it will abet you formulate a better SOP by giving a proper understanding of the following factors:

  • Customization for the selected course and the university
  • SOP format
  • Personalization of the SOP for the applicant
  • Topics to be there in an SOP
  • Tone and language

If you cannot make a sop for international business management, you must reach out to Ewriting champs sop writing services. Our writers are prominent experts in making persuasive SOPs that impress the admission committee. Reach us today.


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