How many posts does my blog needs to see SEO and Traffic Results?

AUTHOR :Neha Singh


How many posts should I make this see SEO and Traffic results? This is a frequently asked question by several creators and business enterprises, and B2B content marketers. The answer to this question is Yes, it, of course, depends upon several factors, but you cannot determine how many posts, in particular, will make an impact on the audience and fetch you good traffic. Based on industry data,

E Writing Champs group's recent marketing research shows that there are several factors that influence the traffic growth of your blog or webpage.


Firstly being consistent about blog posts and content is of utmost importance. We've concluded a definite tipping point once you consistently publish a certain number of blog posts per week or in a month. Growth doesn't come to you overnight. It takes regularity, effort, and hard work. Hence with consistency, you can master it all.

According to our study, these are the factors that can help you to see SEO and traffic results : 


Website Integrated Blog: Your blog should be directly connected to your website link and the pattern of your website so that it lives in your website's core domain. This helps your website build authority and ideal recognition for your blog and attract more blog visitors to your website. 


Consistency is the key: As we mentioned earlier, the frequency of your consistency is fundamental and plays a vital role in building your credibility, traffic, SEO, originality, etc. To maintain organic traffic on your website or blog, you must always be consistent. Now consistency doesn't mean you have to publish at least ten posts every day. It means you should post regularly with something new and innovative every day so that there is no repetition and users find it interesting to read.


Quality Content: With consistency also comes the quality of content. A daily or weekly blog frequency will only fetch you traffic if your content is different, exemplary, good, innovative, blends with the latest trends, and thoughtful to your readers. With composing content for your blog, it is always essential to keep in mind that quality is always necessary over quantity. Hence your blogs and content should have a qualitative approach.


Creativity: Creativity and consistency go hand in hand. You know you're creating content for the audience who knows about the latest trends in the markets and wants something different to feel satisfied. Hence it would help if you always were keen on learning about new methodologies and developing content strategies for bringing the creativity factor into your content. Before publishing your content, you must counter-check if something more could be added or subtracted from it to look more appealing to the users and find it interesting. 


Competition in your industry: You must be aware of how much competition prevails in your industry and what your competitors are up to. If you're the only one blogging for your industry, then you're lucky enough, but that rarely happens. Hence you must keep track of your fellow rivals and be powerful enough to create something better than them. Only 

then you can survive and thrive well. 


Summation At e Writing Champs we've been blogging for quite some time, and our research shows that generating traffic and SEO results is not that easy. One has to keep in mind all the considerable 

factors so that they're able to deliver the best and attract organic traffic



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