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How To build a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Personal Brand

Content marketing is outgrowing traditional marketing and aiding personal brands to become more influential than huge brands.

As there is a rise in disbelief in online advertising, consumer trust has shifted to personal branding. Did you know that 65% of people contemplate that an online search is the most trusted source regarding companies and individuals?

The Internet has facilitated people to formulate their online communities via marketing processes based on value, trust, and reciprocity. However, the question is how significant is how crucial personal branding. Personal branding is imperative for anyone willing to grow their businesses, acquire their dream job, or upgrade their career.

What is Personal Branding?

"Personal branding" indicates your marketing and packaging practice, your career, and your professional experience as a brand.

When you wonder how is building a personal brand, you might consider slogans and images of huge companies like Nike - "Just do it" or Apple- "Think Different", and the half-apple bites out.

These are booming brand campaigns that have become exemplary as the companies themselves. Personal branding is quite similar to it.

You form an image, position, and impression with your branding strategy. Through this identity, you generate your brand assets, including your website, resume, products, writings, services, tagline, logo, and visual images. Like a large corporation, you produce a value or mission statement that depicts your "why" and your purpose as a personal mantra or articulates your business's goal.

Social media and the Internet have enhanced one-to-one interactions, due to which building a personal brand gained popularity.

How does Content Marketing formulate a personal branding strategy?

As you are more acquainted with building a personal brand, let's go ahead with how content marketing endorses your brand identity.

Content marketing is the strategic, consistent production of content that usually does not promote a brand but builds interest in its offers, eventually enthusing cost-effective consumer action.

Additionally, content signifies social media posts, eBooks, blogs, podcasts, webinars, infographics, videos, and other material you publish to portray yourself and your brand.

Content marketing strategy is highly efficient for:

The superpower of Content Marketing+ Personal Branding

Usually, 90% of people trust service or product recommendations from people they are familiar with, while only 33% believe messages from a brand.

When you are building a personal brand, you are getting a famous and more trustworthy person compared to a typical brand.

Now, that's what makes personal branding so influential people's recommendations are more worthy than advertisements, and so is content marketing which boosts brand bond and consumer trust. Consumers who go through branded educational content are 131% more likely to buy from that brand.

With this approach in mind, content marketing is a rational, efficient methodology to build and retain your brand. 

Content expresses who you are, what you do, and your core values to your audience while escalating trust without sounding promotional.

Four approaches to establish your personal brand with Content Marketing

Personal branding and content marketing are the best combos. Let's go through top-notch ways that can pave the way for a personal brand with content marketing.

1. Write an eBook

One of the fastest, most apt, and most productive methods of building a personal brand with content is to author a book.

Writing a book indicates what you are aware of regarding your niche and industry. Through your writing, you have a golden opportunity to share personal and valuable insight and your perspective and voice.

Book authorship is a remarkable state of content marketing. Publishing a book enhances your visibility, credibility, and authority and can also grow your community.

Writing a book can make you a professional author.

It is an exquisite marketing tool for personal branding strategy, pitching clients, and making leads.

You can gather your well-known posts into an eBook if you have a pile of blog content.

Are you a good speaker than a writer? Then, record it and outsource the transcription, edit, and format your recording for print or online publishing.

2. Blog on a weekly basis

One of the noteworthy facets of our digital world is that you have the capability to publish content quickly.

When you blog daily on current topics, you capture the attention of your target audience and build a community and establish yourself as an authority. This content marketing strategy can turn wonders for your personal brand.

  • Small businesses that do blogging acquire 126% more leads compared to who don't.
  • 96% of B2B buyers obtain content from industry leaders.
  • Blogs are the fifth trustful source for proper online info.
  • 61% of U.S. online consumers made a purchase according to recommendations from a blog.

For a personal brand, keep your attention to the topics you are well aware of and which you are targeting to the audience in the blogging.

Converse with your reader and share stories, anecdotes, and experiences. You must proffer info with the motive of entertaining, informing, and stimulating your readers.

It is significant to publish constantly as blogging takes a long time to give advantages in terms of search engine ranking, authority, and visibility.

However, it is preferable to have your website, but you can also post on LinkedIn and Medium platforms to increase your visibility. Other than that, you can contemplate guest blogging to amplify your personal brand's authority and credibility.

3. Respond to Queries

Your clients are usually online for help at Google and other platforms. Helping people with their questions will build great online connections and trust and is the best Content Marketing strategy.

Visit the platforms where people put their queries. For instance, Quora is a website for answering questions. Make an account, select your topics, and then answer your questions. 

You can add links to more info but do not act solely or spammy. On the other hand, Twitter is another platform where people search for information. So, finding famous hashtags in your industry is a great way to get people on Twitter who require your help.

Do not neglect your blog comments to respond to questions from your audience. Reply to these kinds of comments, as they can be crucial to enhance your personal brand.

4. Constantly post on Social Media.

Your target market uses social media too. It is the best platform to network and interact with your potential clients.

As there is a lot of hindrance on social platforms, make sure to create unique content to attract your audience, which educates and motivates them.

Focus on your goal of establishing a personal brand via your content. As you are marketing and packaging for your personal brand, proceed with that motive in mind. Do not be shy to publish photos or posts of your daily life. Take advantage of the casual tone to publish personal content comprising unique thoughts and opinions about your industry.


Your personal branding should have these above-stated ground-breaking content marketing strategies, whether it is to boost your social media platform, reverting to customer questions, blogging, or writing an e-book.

In case you do clueless about where to start, then contact E-writing champs, who have a pool of content marketing experts. Contact us right away.


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