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    Cortana Optimized Content

    Well you must be wondering what is ‘ Cortana Optimized Content ‘ . Cortana is to Microsoft what Siri is to Apple. Cortana is a content genre that ensures maximum search engine optimization. Cortana content writing services play a major role in your search optimization and voice search for content marketing strategies. This services guarantees you the maximum audience satisfaction and authentic content to your websites. Cortana optimized content plays a major role in any high shot business firm where content marketing strategy is backed by voice search and other powerful content marketing tools. This virtual assistance powered with windows 10 provides you with all the possible solutions relating to business tasks and search optimization.

    What is Cortana Optimized Content?

    Just like SIRI is for Apple, CORTANA is for Microsoft. The genre is well coordinated with Windows 10 and gives a polished touch to your content and comprehensive assignments with the best search engine optimization. The best feature of Cortana is you have speak search tool wherein you need to just speak and carry out a voice search instead of typing the whole thing. This is one of the remarkable features of Cortana Content. Cortana is also known as voice optimized content and supports speak over. Cortana has a massive installed base and provides you with virtual assistance and comprehensive research. It is preferably known as voice-enabled virtual assistance with which you can search about any topic and initiate requests. At E Writing Champs we provide you with the best research oriented Cortana optimized content for powerful marketing strategies.

    Our Features : How Cortana Works ?

    Search Optimization through voice

    Cortana is a voice enabled content genre which is used by various business firms for a smooth search engine optimisation through voice over. Today with the rapid industrialisation and technological advancements the world is adopting to new ways and methods and with Cortana you can get your work done no matter where you are sitting. Cortana has been designed to give you the credibility of voice search where your SEO game becomes a top notch marketing and content optimizing aspect. At E Writing Champs we provide you with a stable and optimized Cortana content to make things easy for you

    Research and Development:

    we work with a team of qualified professionals who strive hard to develop the most trusted and authentic content enabled by voice search and development. We know how to curate a specific set of keywords that your business enterprise demands. Hence we believe in carrying out a wide research before arriving on any conclusion. Our research is backed by solid evidences. Our team of content creators do pure justice to our clients by curating the best content and the keywords that sit your content. It is for this reason that we’re able to endure our clients since long without any problems in terms of customer service and customer satisfaction. Research and Development is our main forte and we do carry out extensive research when needed.

    Target audience's questions

    audience is important to any and every business enterprise. You can say audience is the soul of a business enterprise. Therefore meeting the needs and wants of your audience is an important business aspect. At E Writing Champs we create a congenial environment where we can target the audience, know about their experiences, their liking, their expectations from us and then use that data to create content which satisfies them utmost. Targeting audience is the aim and meeting their needs is an important aspect of our working pattern. We create a voice enabled content which satisfies the doubts and queries of the audience in the best way possible. You see humans face no problems in speaking as compared to typing. Hence, we strive hard to create powerful voice search optimized content to target the audience and answer their questions.

    FAQ formats and queries

    voice search trends are what the world is looking forward to. But this particular genre has also developed numerous qualms about it’s existence. And these qualms need to be solved and answered in order to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction. At E Writing Champs we prioritize our customers and target to the questions related with the FAQ and other inquiries to support their business. Your future SEO will be secured only if you have voice optimized content. Our Cortana content services aim at providing relevant answers to all the FAQ's and other queries in general by the audience. And here we have a team of professional SEO writers who are authentic curators of such voice enabled content.

    Why Choose Us?

    The world is digging more into this unconventional genre of voice enabled content and its not easy to choose the best curators for this purpose. Many creators in the market provide Cortana content writing services. But working with trained professionals at E Writing will be a next level experience due to the following reasons

    • We keep in sync with the current scenario of digital world and voice search optimisation. We believe in curating a power pack content with efficacy and a dynamic strategy
    • We curate specific set of keywords as per the client's content and translate keywords into voice searches.
    • We understand the basic needs and demands of the client and carry out an extensive research regarding their competitors in the market and target what audience is looking for.
    • We strive hard to meet the expectations of the audience with our voice enabled search optimized Cortana content.

    Our Scores



    Yes, we do optimize keywords as per the content's requirements and topics. Voice enabled search focuses more on long-tail keywords and deter the use of short keywords. We dig into the content and use such keywords that would attract the user more and them embed each to VSEO .

    No, you don’t have to do this at all. Your users will still receive the Briefing e-mail even if you have disabled Cortana Connected Experiences for your business enterprise or organisation

    Publishing Cortana content has an important purpose. It is important from your business perspective due to the following reasons :

    • To get you new leads and target greater number of audience.
    • To drive social engagement
    • To create more awareness in the market
    • To earn links and rank on SERP's with the best voice optimisations.

    At E Writing Champs we keep qualified and trained professionals and writers who have expertise and knowledge about their working stream. They’re high skilled content developers who deliver the best error free services to support your organisation. It is for this reason that several good brands work with us in the long run without any complains

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