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    Letter of motivation writing services

    As the name clearly suggests. Letter of motivation is clearly supposed to show how motivated and inspired you are to get admission in that college. You are perfectly capable of completing studies and except this also make sure that it is written in a way that it catches the readers eye. Most of the students applying for the same course will have mostly the same grade therefore Letter of motivation provides you with the opportunity of being better than them. You really need to know to cover all the aspects as well. So in a nutshell Letter of motivation is a formal document when you are going outside of INDIA. Though a perfectly well written LEtter of Motivation is not enough of a reason to get you selected but it can certainly give you an advantage

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  • What exactly is Letter of motivation ?

    It is a formal document submitted with the rest of the documents while taking admission in any foreign university. It is basically about you, your vision, how motivated you are to get into the college. Reasons why you want to be in the college and the same course apparently as well.

    What is the advantage of having a good Letter of Motivation ?

    Mostly all of the students who are applying for the same university and course have almost the same marks . So a good letter of motivation is the only chance you have got to catch the AdCom’s attention and stand out. Tell them what makes you better and how exactly you can be a better fit than the rest of the candidates.

  • Content for my Letter of Motivation ?

    Your Letter of motivation should contain somewhere around 1200-1500 words. It has three parts. Introduction, Main body and the conclusion. Now main body is further divided into your academic experience, profession, reason to pursue.

    What importance does a good Letter of motivation includes ?

    Most of the students do the same mistake. They google SOP and just copy it down or else write it in the same way and they most often than not

  • Advantages and guidelines for writing a good Letter of motivation

    We provide you with nothing but the best content. We have uploaded various samples for you to see that we have set the standard bar up so high that many others can not even come close to our results. We can use BARN technique to write the best CV possible.


    If you know your purpose and the purpose of you taking admission in the college. You can talk about it in your Letter and make it better. You can elaborate on how it will provide you with the missing pieces of knowledge to excel in life.


    Step into their shoes and see what AdCom really wants to check and wants to know. This way you can at least have a clear perspective and then you may proceed.


    Now that everything is done, all that left to be done is the actual part of writing the Letter of Motivation. Now it might look like deceptively simple but trust me once you actually start you either find too much to comprehend to even write about it or you wont get anything to write on. So it is necessary to make an outline.


    Now you know what does the AdCom wants to see and you also know the facts you want to tell them about you. Most often students does not really understand this simple thing and write a very messy and complicated SOP. Rather act as a third and a neutral party that will allow you to tell your story in a neutral way.

    Importance Of Letter Of Motivation

    To Stand Out From The Crowd

    This is your chance of being unique and standing out of the box. Your chance to be subtle and still manage to be better than the rest of the applicants. Marks are almost the same with everyone therefore a good Letter of Motivation might make all the difference you need.

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    Every individual needs a different kind of Letter of motivation as every different course requires a different format of letter of motivation.

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    The tips for writing a good motivational letter are:

    • Write the crucial points in the motivation letter.
    • Provide the proper reasons behind choosing the particular university and course
    • Emphasize qualifications, work experience, and relevant skills
    • Divide into 3 paragraphs(introduction, body, and conclusion)
    • Refer to the inspirational sources for your desired course.

    The motivation letter format word count is usually between 500 to 700 words.

    Personal statements focus on yourself more and also the past is included in them. On the other hand, motivation letters are concerned with career prospects and your short-term and long-term goals.

    Well the charge usually depends on the size, total no of words and how soon do you want it. Though our average quotations are between 1000-5000 Rs.

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