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    What is Google Assistant Optimized Content?

    Google Assistant, along with other voice search stages like Siri, Alexa, and Bixby, is the new leading edge in intelligent technology which asks online niches to accept Google Assistant optimized content.

    We are presently observing a standard transfer in how people interact with the electronic appliances around them, and voice search is at the eye of this stunning storm.

    The increase of Google Assistant Optimized Content

    Google Assistant is an AI-based digital assistant obtainable equally on Android devices and smart home solutions. Google Assistant actions cover the whole thing from ordering a burger to playing music and reading the news.

    Even though the fame of Google Assistant android has risen in the past years, voice search has been in existence for some time. Google itself had a diverse voice search platform known as Google Now which came with its Allo app.

    Google Allo has since been ceased, and Google Assistant has taken its position. Presently, the Assistant controls an overwhelming 43% of the global intelligent assistant market with Amazon Alexa coming in a far-away second.

    It’s not astonishing considering that Google Assistant is the most precise platform. According to a current study, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri were asked 5,000 questions. Google Assistant answered 90% of them with over 85.5% correctness while Siri and Alexa fell considerably behind.

    The introduction and following boom of voice search 2019 have represented a unique challenge to marketers and online businesses. An increasing number of people are going towards speech-based inputs rather than text inputs for usual searches.

    • 27% of all internet users utilize voice search daily.
    • 34% of users have a favorable estimation of voice assistants and would like to buy one shortly.
    • Teenagers are the most lively voice search users with over 55% of teenage smartphone users supposedly using the feature frequently.
    • In the next five years, the market for intelligent speakers is anticipated to grow at an astounding rate of over 1000% to over 2.1 Lakh Crore rupees.
    • Google sold around 6 million units of Google Home in the last quarter of 2018.

    High position on speech-based queries with voice search SEO

    E-writing champs writing services, a most important digital content agency for Google Assistant Optimized Content, gives website optimization solutions that help it to rank in the results for voice searches.

    Voice search optimization is essentially diverse from standard SEO practices in several ways, and our gifted writers have mastered it through usual training sessions from industry insiders.

    Google voice search is a dynamic unit, with the metrics for ranking changing ever so often. You have to stay in tune with the changes to remain pertinent in the voice-first environment

    • Localized content is supreme for Google Assistant. Voice queries are three times more probable to be local searches.
    • The integration of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Google Assistant optimized content has made it serious for websites to have a more conversational tone.
    • Long-tail keywords have OBTAINED added implication because of NLP.
    • Since most voice queries are question-based, featured snippets are also obtaining significance.

    Reach elusive prospects

    If you do marketing by a virtual assistant on smart speaker devices or mobile phones, you have a huge chance of reaching your target audience. It gives you an alternative of conducting so along with Internet and mobile. As per Voicebot.ai, 87.7 million U.S. adults now utilize smart speakers as of January 2020 which is 32% more than in January 2019 and is 85% higher than January 2018.

    Generate personal conversations

    Voice assistants are an opportunity for marketers to start conversations in a much more personalized manner than ever before. Users usually share exactly what they need and what are thinking with voice assistants. Thus, the channel enables marketers to answer back with what they require and then continue getting out for a personalized customer experience.

    Reach numerous users at once

    Voice assistants give marketers admittance to numerous users in a single household. These consumers all make exclusive purchase decisions because they have their brand preferences, product wellbeing, and music playlists. Marketers can attain greater results through one voice assistant, as it is a center to collect more insights and sell through one segmented campaign.

    Go beyond the customary devices

    Another benefit is that voice assistants are becoming more trendy outside of our homes and cell phones. They are becoming popular up in our cars, in smart TVs, wearable devices, and home appliances. These give new opportunities to achieve even more targets as well as provide supplementary value for present customers.

    Drive new purchases

    Through voice assistants, marketers can make customers at a point in the shopping ride where they are prepared to buy. To persuade customers that have used their voice assistants to ask about a picky product or service, marketers can deliver promotional campaigns like immediate digital coupons. Instead of having to place coupon codes, the discount ready for the customer to cash in, potentially pushing the customer to complete the buy.

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    To make this kind of content more discoverable, Google has auto-generated directory pages with a variety of actions that are associated with searching content from a specific site. ... With the suitable structured data and/or AMP markup, the content will already be optimized for Google Assistant.

    Alleviating local SEO aids local searchers to find your business. Taking benefit of local SEO content and assets like Google My Business assists Google Assistant to recognize your business as pertinent to local users. This makes it easier for local searchers to discover.

    To use Optimize, you'll require the following: Google Analytics installed on your website. ... Optional: Optimize Chrome extension to generate experiences in the Optimize visual editor. The Chrome extension isn't needed to view reports.

    Yes, through Firebase A/B testing, which is power-driven by Optimize.

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