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    What is a presentation

    Importantly, it's a story. Its origins go back thousands of years to when our ancestors have surrounded the campfire to listen to the elders of the tribe. Even without PowerPoint!

    These days, presentations surround the scale of the Oscars or the new iPhone launch by business briefings to smaller audiences, in person- or majorly online. We are concentrating on the business side

    Whatever the event, there is always an element of drama included. A presentation is not a report you can read at your convenience; it's an event speakers are putting themselves on the spot to elucidate, persuade or motivate you. Good presentations employ this dynamic to support their story.

    Getting ready for your presentation

    Just assume you are a designer in the automotive industry and your boss has asked you to give a presentation. The subject: the prospect of the car and how it will form with all the other modes of transport

    Where to begin? How to think about it? First, you require an angle, a central idea.

    We chatter about 'giving a presentation – and of course, it's the audience who will be receiving it. So, instead of beginning with cars (in this case), let's assume about people. With that method, we can root the talk in the everyday experience we all share.

    Maybe you keep in mind when you were trapped in traffic on a motorway—morning peak hour. No one is going ahead. Up ahead, children were going through a footbridge on their way to school, smiling at the cars going nowhere. And you contemplated, 'Like it while you can! This will be you one day.' But maybe not. Indeed, we can do better for future generations!

    There's your opportunity – the whole issue captured in a solitary image, and you've right away engaged your audience with a straightforward story.

    The who, the why and the what

    Always start with the people you will be indicating in mind. Before you begin writing, answer three basic questions which are your audience, why are you talking to them, and what do you need to say?

    The answers will give the strong foundations you require and begin the ideas flowing. Ignore them, and you risk being rough and not focused. Clear writing is the outcome of clear thinking, and thinking takes time, but it's time well spent

    Begin with the audience

    Are you a senior car designer conversing with your team? If the answer is yes, you can believe high-level, shared knowledge

    But if you are conversing with the sales or marketing departments, you can't make similar assumptions- there are issues you may have to explain and justify. And if it's a press briefing, it's about obtaining the message out to the general public- a varied story again

    Being familiar with your audience can also show your tone. Your presentation to the board is probable to be moderately formal, whereas a talk for your team can be calmer.

    And what's the audience's disposition? On the other hand, you may have bad news to deliver- maybe the national economy and the company's finances are bullying people's jobs. Then you must sympathize and place yourself in their position and change your tone as per the need.

    You are writing your presentation script

    You don't have to jot down a script. Some people put a few Powerpoint slides together and divide them; others make bullets on a smartphone, laptop or cue cards. It is dependent on the event and the presenter,

    Writing a full script takes time, but it's a crucial presentation, and you might employ it again - maybe to appeal for investment- it will be worth it.

    Some people will jot down a full script because the company or organization that's commissioned a presentation will be willing to see a copy before the event (generally for valid reasons). Others will write the script, edit it down to the needed time and then edit it again to bullets or notes.

    If the presentation is to a small audience, your bullets or notes will suit a more conversational method. There are no rules here- see what works appropriate for you. But you must be aware of your subject inside and out

    To write concisely, you must think clearly, and a full script will reveal the areas that aren't clear- where an explanation requires strengthening, for instance, or where you should work on a change

    Timing is the whole thing

    A complete script also aids with working out the timing, and timing is vital. TED talks, for instance, have a strict 18-minute limit, whether in front of an audience or online. That's short sufficient to hold attention but long enough to converse a key idea. It takes a very accomplished presenter to go much over 30 minutes. If you are taking questions, however, it's OK to put up extra time.

    Imagine you're writing your presentation is jam-packed, and your slot is 20 minutes. On an A4 page with a 14-point Calibri font and 1.5 line spacing, that will liken to about ten pages

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